A family-friendly day of fun in Dennis Port!

A family-friendly day of fun in Dennis Port!

We might be biased but Dennis Port is one of the best gems on the Cape! With restaurants, activities and beaches galore, not to mention Stage Stop Candy, Dennis Port is one of the best places to spend an epic day of family-friendly fun! We love our fellow D-port businesses and have some major experience in this location, so take these recommendations from us-we have the perfect itinerary to not only impress the kids, but people of all ages! 

To start off a day in Dennis Port we recommend grabbing some breakfast for your day-long adventure. One of our personal favorites for some hearty B-fast is the famous Wee Packet Restaurant and Gift Shoppe! The Wee Packet has been a staple business in Dennis Port for over 70 years! They offer meals of all sizes for all ages. From Cinnamon Swirl French Toast to Lobster Benny’s, to a full Irish breakfast, no choice is the wrong one…did we mention they also have an outdoor patio with a full bar? It truly is a place for everyone to enjoy and inhale a necessary wake up meal. 

Not even a mile down the road is our next major, relaxing recommendation, Sea Street Beach.  This beach is right in the heart of Dennis Port and offers kid-friendly spots to play and swim in some of the Capes most glorious waters. This little beach spot is one of our secret hidden gems within a hidden gem! With a lifeguard on duty and a few jetties, this beach is kid friendly and safe, and a short walk to the Pelham House resort where the drinks and atmosphere are fun. Sea Street Beach has an engaging mix of locals and tourists so it's a welcoming spot to meet some friends. If you're looking to kick back, catch some rays and let loose with the kids, Sea Street is your beach. 

After all that swimming and relaxing anyones bound to crave some lunch. We recommend our friends over at Dennis Port House of Pizza who have been serving up deliciousness to the local community for over 30 years. DHOP is family-friendly and over all super appetizing. Besides, who doesn’t like pizza? They have plenty of other options as well, from calzones to sandwiches to pasta, they’ve got all the comfort food you can imagine. Plus, DHOP’s owner's lovely daughter is one of our employees here at Stage Stop. It’s a local family affair here in Dennis Port with both familiar and friendly faces everywhere you go. 

A Dennis Port day of fun is never complete without a little mini-golf competition! Whether you’re Tiger Woods or you don’t even know who that is, Holiday Hill Miniature Golf is the spot for you. Just a one minute drive from DHOP, Holiday Hill offers loads of family friendly fun, whether or not you're there to compete or just enjoy. This hidden Dennis Port treasure has 18 holes and even has an ice cream shack right next to it-whether you want to reveal that information to your kiddos or not we’ll leave that up to you. 

Next up is to grab some dinner at the Red Nun Bar and Grill right in the middle of Dennis Port. The Red Nun is just a two minute drive from Holiday Hill making all these locations super easy to access. That’s just one of the many beauties of Dennis Port! This kid-friendly restaurant features some of the tastiest plates, from the Nun nachos, to the Buddha Bowl, to the Western Burger…our recommendations are endless. The Red Nun has kid-friendly options as well and an endless amount of seafood, which is always essential when visiting the Cape of course. They feature a fun bar area with a wide variety of drinks and staff who are always energetic. 

To round out the most perfect day in Dennis Port one must ALWAYS stop for a sweet treat at the one and only Stage Stop Candy Shop! Stage Stop is newly renovated, kid-friendly and has been a staple in Dennis Port and the Cape Cod community for 40 years. Whether you enjoy sweet, sour, or are just a chocolate lover at heart, we’ve got you covered with every possible treat to cure any type of craving. From salt water taffy, to fudge to creams to truffles, Stage Stop is the final destination for all things Dennis Port and an exceptional way to end the day. 

Dennis Port is a sensational example of Cape Cod life. It’s an area filled with adventure with the perfect amount of relaxation. From delicious restaurants, kid-friendly activities and the one and only Stage Stop Candy, we believe Dennis Port is the place to be and want to share all of our favorites with you, we know you’ll enjoy us (and all of our recommendations) just as much as we do! 

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