July might be hot outside but we are freezing candy inside!

July might be hot outside but we are freezing candy inside!

Summer is here and we can't think of a better way to celebrate than with a sweet treat from Stage Stop Candy on Cape Cod. We are excited to announce our brand-new line: Freeze Dried Candy!

Some of you may have already heard about freeze dried candy on social media platforms, but in case you haven’t, the process of freeze-drying candy is essentially a 3-step process.

1.    Freeze the candy by rapidly cooling it in extremely cold temperatures (done on metal trays in our freeze dryer. This process will intensify the flavor of the candy.

2.    Next is a process called Sublimation. This is the drying process. The freeze dryer will create a vacuum chamber to pressurize the air around the candy and will start to heat up the candy to remove the water molecules by vaporizing them. Sublimation will remove over 90% of the water in the candy. This also can change the appearance of the candy. Some pieces only change a little bit while others can increase dramatically in size!

3.    The freeze dryer will run one more dying cycle to make sure it has removed as much water from the candy as possible. This leaves the candy with an airy and crunchy texture. After this stage is complete, we remove the trays and immediately bag the candy for the shop. When stored properly freeze-dried candy has a significantly longer shelf life with some pieces lasting up to 25 years!

Now that we’ve talked about the process, I’m sure you’re curious about what kinds of freeze-dried candy we are making here at Stage Stop. The most popular pick is “Rainbow Crunchies” also known as freeze dried skittles. What was once a chewy skittle is now a crunchy ball of sweetness! Freeze drying Skittles was the first piece of freeze-dried candy that became famous on social media and once you try them you'll understand why!

Want something a bit more unique to Stage Stop? Then we suggest you try our Cookie Creams. We took the soft cream fillings that we use in our chocolate covered creams and freeze-dried just the cream centers. This turned the centers into a crunchy firm cookie, perfect for biting into or dunking into your favorite beverage.

Love our Peanut Brittle? Then a must try is our “Tylers Treat Yourself Freeze Dried Peanut Brittle” which is a new softer version of our Peanut Brittle. The brittle parts puff into a soft, melt in your mouth buttery sweetness, and the peanuts inside the brittle give a soft crunch.

We also carry lots of the “traditional” freeze dried candies like, “Mermaid Bubbles” which are freeze dried Jolly Ranchers, “Air Crunchers” (Airheads), "Sour Blasters" (Warheads), “Sour Gummi Worms”, and so many other fun and unique options!

With 35 different kinds of freeze-dried candy options available (and growing), you are bound to find a favorite for your taste buds. As always, you can find these freeze dried goodies both in store or right here in our online store. We hope to see you soon so you can try some of these delectable goodies yourself!

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