Organize a fudge fundraiser to raise money for your favorite nonprofit!

Raising funds for your favorite nonprofit organization has never been so delicious!

The process is simple. Once approved, your group collects orders and payments over the predetermined 1-3 week period. At the end of the fundraising campaign, order sheets are given to Stage Stop and your fudge is made to order.

The recommended selling price is $15 per box. $7.00 per box goes to Stage Stop to cover the cost of ingredients and manufacturing. And you raise $8.00 per box sold for your organization!

Once your fundraiser is complete, we can deliver your order to a central location for your group to pickup and distribute. Fudge can be ready to distribute in as little as 5 days.

This is a great fundraising opportunity for PTO's, community centers, class trips, school clubs - any organization can benefit from a bit of fudge!

Reach out to Stage Stop Candy to organize and start planning your fundraiser today!