End of School Gift and Graduation Ideas!

End of School Gift and Graduation Ideas!

It’s May here at Stage Stop Candy. The trees are turning green and the flowers are blooming. May is a wonderful time of year to be on Cape Cod and for our local students, it also means that it’s almost the end of the school year! For our seniors, that means graduation and for the rest of the students, teachers, bus drivers, and school administrators, it means that summer vacation is right around the corner. Finding the perfect gift to celebrate your students' achievements can be a challenge as can finding the right “Thank You” gift for those who have helped your student during the year. At Stage Stop Candy in Dennis Port, we offer a variety of local, delicious treats that make celebrating this special time of year easy and hassle free!

Below are some sweet gift ideas that you can purchase either in-store or online at StageStopCandy.com.

  1. Premade Gift Baskets - Stage Stop Candy offers a variety of ready-to-go baskets including our Congratulations basket. This premade basket includes an exquisite selection of decadent silver and gold foiled chocolate stars, milk chocolate nonpareils, a chocolate card that reads "Congratulations", a bag of our dark chocolate covered cranberries, and is topped off with a 16 piece assortment of our most popular creams, caramels, meltaways and truffles. All of these sweet treats are displayed in a colorful balloon basket, beautifully overwrapped and tied with a bow. This basket is a perfect way to tell your favorite student that you are proud of their accomplishments! We also carry a selection of other gift baskets styles including Thank You, Chocolate Lover, and Cape Cod themed which make great gifts for the special teachers your child has worked with.

  1. Chocolates - Solid chocolates are a classic gift for any occasion, and at Stage Stop we have an incredible selection to choose from. You can select from milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or white chocolate options for many of our chocolate shapes. All of our pieces are handmade using high-quality chocolate ingredients, making them a delicious tasting gift. For the graduates in your life, we offer a chocolate lollipop in the shape of a graduation cap, and a chocolate bar that says ‘congratulations’. We also have a variety of chocolate items that are great for bus drivers including a large chocolate bus and a chocolate bar that says “#1 Bus Driver”. While shopping don’t forget about your child's favorite teachers and teacher assistants! We have chocolate bars that say “#1 Teacher” which is a great way to make them feel special!

  1. Fudge - Fudge is a fun and affordable gift option that starts at $6.00 for a half layer box. At Stage Stop Candy we have a range of flavors to choose from, including Classic Chocolate, Chocolate M&M, Peanut Butter, and Penuche (made with brown sugar and a hint of maple), Chocolate Walnut, and Rocky Road just to name a few. There is a flavor for everyone to try and enjoy! Fudge is great to serve at an outdoor graduation party or barbeque event since it is heat friendly and will not melt in the sun.

  1. Assortments - Our assortments are a delicious and decadent treat that make excellent gifts for those that prefer the sweeter things in life! They are filled with a variety of centers, including Soft Centers (Creams), Truffles, Caramels, Meltaways, and other handmade pieces. We have a range of assortments to choose from, including ones with a graduation theme, and specialized celebratory boxes making them a perfect option for a graduation or end of school gift. These hand packed gift boxes contain nine or sixteen of our most popular pieces in a decorative box and make a lovely personalized gift. We also offer larger assortments like our one layer and two layer popular assortments which are perfect for sharing and a great way to thank the administrative staff in your child’s school.

  1. Gift Certificates - If you're not sure what gift to get or aren’t sure of someone's chocolate preferences, consider purchasing them a gift certificate. This allows them to choose their own favorites and enjoy browsing our store's selection of chocolates, candies, and fudge. The best part of a gift certificate is it can be used in person or online through our website, so the recipient does not have to be local to receive a sweet treat!

Whether you shop in person or online, you are sure to find the perfect gift from Stage Stop Candy for graduation, or any other celebration. Whether you opt for a gift basket, solid chocolates, fudge, assortments, or a gift certificate, you are sure to put a smile on someone's face and they will appreciate the thought, effort and taste put into their gift!

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