Gifts for Dad!

Gifts for Dad!

At Stage Stop Candy, we love the month of June. The Cape Cod weather is beautiful this time of year, there’s growing excitement with summer right around the corner, and we have a special holiday that can’t be forgotten: Father’s Day! We know how hard working dads can be so we have assembled a nice selection of treats to choose from so that you can give that perfect gift that says “Thank you Dad!”.

Chocolate is the heart of Stage Stop Candy, the same way that all of the wonderful fathers out there are the heart of our lives, so why not combine the two? We have a large variety of chocolate pieces to celebrate the occasion. Does your dad like cards? Well I’m sure he would love a card that is delectable and has meaning behind it! For the holiday Stage Stop offers “Happy Father’s Day” chocolate greeting cards, or perhaps you want more of a statement with the “World’s Greatest Dad” card, sure to bring a smile to any dad. Looking for something different? Stage Stop has you covered with our “#1 Dad” lollipop, Winning Lottery Ticket, iPhone ATE, Television Remote, or even Chocolate Tools (a variety of different types of tools made in solid chocolate). These chocolate pieces are perfect as a meaningful gift that provides that light sense of humor, or dad jokes, as most would say. Looking for a larger chocolate gift? Stage Stop has a Happy Father’s Day Chocolate Box Set, featuring five different chocolate pieces all centering around our beloved dads. Most of these items come in either milk or dark chocolate so every dad can enjoy the chocolate that he likes the most.

If you aren’t sold on the idea of a solid chocolate piece for your Father’s Day present, not to worry! We have a selection of our classic box of assorted chocolates packed and ready for you. If more flavored pieces are on your dads list, we offer a variety of different sized assortments with specific Father’s Day designs. All of our assortments have a mixture of milk and dark pieces, with creams, caramels, meltaways, and truffles that are sure to knock the socks off any dad trying one of these delectable handmade pieces. With a variety of sizes, you’re able to get an assortment of these pieces in either a 9 count box, a 16 count box, or a 20 count box with the aforementioned “Happy Father’s Day” chocolate greeting card in the center of the assortment display. Want something a bit bigger though? Not to fret, we offer a Happy Father's Day Gift Basket featuring a mixture of all dads favorite candy pieces: a 16 Piece Happy Father’s Day Assortment, one milk chocolate bar, one dark chocolate bar, a small bag of dark chocolate cranberries, milk chocolate nonpareils, and of course a milk chocolate greeting card wishing “Happy Father’s Day!” It cannot get any sweeter than that.

In addition to the excitement of Father’s Day, summer is almost here, and Stage Stop just restocked a huge selection of our wonderful ice cream toppings to celebrate the summer. “Sundaes Best Hot Fudge” is back in stock here at the store. With a mixture of flavors to pick from, such as Bittersweet, Peanut Butter, Caramel, Raspberry, Mint, and of course Original, you can make the ultimate ice cream sundae bar to be enjoyed by the entire family. While you're getting your sauces, don’t forget to check out our other must have toppings like a bag of Stage Stop’s Chocolate Sprinkles. They are the perfect pairing with that hot fudge! Feeling creative? Then add some of our freshly packed Gummy Cubs or Swedish Fish to your shopping basket. We have to warn you though, stocking up the ice cream sundae bar for summer is guaranteed to generate a lot of smiles!!!

That wraps up our blog for this month! Be sure to give some extra love and thanks to all of the hard working dads out there. Whether shopping with us online or in-person we promise that you’ll find that perfect gift for any dad and put a great big smile on his face for Father’s Day.

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