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Ginny Ginger - 6 inch

Ginny Ginger - 6 inch

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GUND Drops are a gotta have ‘em all line of soft, huggable, and expressive 6-inch plush animals. These cute and whimsical characters have unique names and embroidered cutie marks, so you know you got a genuine GUND Drop!

Collect different GUND Drops that match your mood with 4 adorable expressions. Celebrate the holidays with this special collection of fantasy creatures that are either silly, cheeky, happy, or spooky!

They all have exaggerated proportions of oversized heads and tiny drop shaped bodies filled with beans; you’ll definitely want to squish them all!

The GUND Drops collection includes super soft premium materials and embroidered details that will last for years to come and are surface-washable for easy cleaning.

Suitable for ages 3 and up.


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