Why Candy and Shopping Locally are the Best Holiday Gifts!

Why Candy and Shopping Locally are the Best Holiday Gifts!

What's better than getting candy as a present? Buying it from a local business! This holiday season, we would like to remind everyone of the importance of shopping locally. With Cape Cod being such a small, tight-knit community, it is extra beneficial to prioritize shopping at local stores as opposed to online or from big corporations. Not only is our local chocolate made by local people with love but it is also much fresher and supports people within our own communities. Besides, who wouldn’t want chocolate or candy as a gift?

Locally made gifts put money and business back into the small communities that need it most. Shopping locally also creates more jobs, stability and a sense of togetherness that can not be replicated by big corporations and online stores. One of the best parts about shopping locally for candy and chocolate is that it is much fresher than what is carried in chain stores. When visiting your local candy store you can even be picking up products made just hours before! 

Shopping locally is also much more personal. You can swap stories and hold conversations with people in your community face-to-face which has become that much more meaningful over these past two years. Shopping locally offers an experience that can not be accomplished when buying online or from chain stores who do not contain the same level of involvement and personability in their business. When you shop locally you have more of an opportunity to learn about the history and stories behind the businesses in your own area which aids in enhancing the overall experience. 

Our products come with more than just a sweet taste. They come with a shared experience and love for chocolate that accumulates to meaningful connections and further ties to the community from both ends. Made freshly from the hands of those who you shop with attend school functions with and who you share the end goal of bettering the community with. Being local business owners, making connections with our customers is something we love getting to experience. When we all support one another it only furthers us as a whole! Besides, who wouldn’t want a gift they can enjoy right after ripping off the wrapping paper? Candy and chocolate make the best gift since anyone and everyone can enjoy it! Whether you're a fan of sweet, sour, savory or everything in between, Stage Stop has got what you want! Let's be honest, no one has ever been known to complain about receiving a gift with a little extra (edible) sweetness anyway!

When planning your holiday shopping this year please remember to make an effort to shop within your local community before resorting to chains or online options. It is more meaningful, beneficial and increases opportunity right where you are! We all know candy and chocolate make exceptional gifts so just imagine products that are extra fresh and from your hometowns. We think that definitely adds some extra sweetness to an already yummy gift. At Stage Stop we are proud to be Cape Cod business owners and are even more proud to be a part of the Cape Cod community. If you’re in the market for a sweet gift that no one will want to share, come visit us in DennisPort or give us a call today!

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