Go Green, Eat Sweet!

Go Green, Eat Sweet!

One of the best parts about candy, besides all the obvious, is that it contains very little waste. Candy is consumed so the waste within the production and consumption process is extremely minimal and we LOVE that! Being eco-friendly is one of our personal passions that we like to incorporate into our business and products. We're proud to say that 85% of what we sell at Stage Stop Candy Shop is home-made in our facility on site. Manufacturing is done at Stage Stop using solar power. Everything in production is created with solar energy, so our candy, chocolate, fudge making (etc.) is all green. This means that everything at the store is solar-powered except for the storefront. A goal that we are currently working toward is getting more solar panels so that we can be 100% solar-power-run. Not only does our environmentally friendly process and passion differentiate us from the usual candy making business, but it is something that we hope to bring more attention to for others to take part in. 

Though we are a small, local store, our efforts make a huge difference and yours can too! Two small, but majorly beneficial steps you can take to be green with us include, 

  1. Focusing on purchasing sustainable products.

This includes products that provide environmental, social and economic benefits while protecting the public health and environment of the products' whole life cycle. This means purchasing products that have minimalistic waste productions. Our products are a solid example of this considering it is produced 100% by solar energy and is consumed with minimal negative effects on the environment. 

  1. Lead by example!

Encourage those around you to purchase eco-friendly products and brands that embrace sustainability. The ability of environmentally conscious businesses depend on the consumers and their awareness and overall choice of consumptions. By pushing these social norms more people, especially those around you, are likely to follow in your footsteps. Social norms are defined as informal understandings within a social group about what constitutes ‘acceptable’ behavior. The best way to aid in this eco-friendly movement is to encourage those around you to take part in something that is larger than themselves. The best part of the conjoined efforts is that, as a team, we are improving the environment all while shopping locally and supporting a community and small town family. By supporting us, you're eating sweet and staying green!

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