Chocolate; The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Chocolate; The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Chocolate can make any occasion special and tasty! It is a gift that is widely loved and the perfect balance between thoughtful, useful and equally delicious. 

Here at Stage Stop Candy, chocolate is a gift that can come in many different forms and we pride ourselves on offering a multitude of different options for all kinds of special days. Some specific occasions where you can utilize chocolate include birthdays, holidays, weddings, baby showers, Mothers/Fathers Day or even in a college care package. A few examples of the options we provide at Stage Stop include gift baskets, molds, assortments, and specialized boxes. These gift boxes, bags and assortments come prepackaged or can be hand-picked with individualized favorites. With dozens of different flavors and choices, our assortment boxes feature everything from caramels to truffles that can come in milk, dark and occasionally white chocolate. 

With Mother’s and Father’s Day just around the corner, now is the perfect time to give some tasty treats to your loved ones. One popular item for these special days are our assortments, both pre-packaged and hand picked. Though everyone has their own chocolate preferences, Stage Stop carries all the possibilities and with individualizing your assortments, you can personalize your box with all your loved ones favorites. You can either stick to one particular chocolate, like truffles or creams, or you can mix them to be sure to get all their desired treats! 

If your loved one enjoys the sweeter things in life, then our truffles are the answer. Our truffle assortments come in five different sizes. 4 piece bottle hanger, 9 piece, 16 piece, 1 pound and 2 pound boxes. So depending on if your Mom or Dad plans on sharing, there are plenty of options to choose from. Our truffles are a fan favorite and are filled with a rich, velvety mixture of chocolate, heavy cream and award-winning flavors! They have a soft ganache center, double coated with chocolate and are hand decorated, so they are appealing to the eye and the mouth. 

Another popular and equally tasty assortment that is a great option for Mother’s or Father’s Day is our Nut Crisp and Chew Assortment. This features an array of our chocolates and the name basically speaks for itself. This assortment features Caramels, Nougatines, Peanut Butter Logs, Molasses Chips, Nut Clusters, and Turtles, so your loved one is bound to have something they'll like. Especially If they lean more towards salty and crunchy then this assortment is the perfect pick. It comes in three different sizes, ½ layer (7 oz), 1 layer (15 oz) or 2 layers (30 oz). 

Special occasions call for special assortments, which is why we have made up our own 16 piece Special Assortment that has over 14 different box options. You can either choose a box specific to the special day or keep it broad with a floral or decorative box. These assortments are popular for special days since they are catered specifically to celebrations and special events. The ‘Special Assortment’ contains a mixture of Creams, Caramels and Meltaways and can come either in a 16 or 9 piece box. They contain a variety of the most popular hand-dipped chocolates and are another perfect way to celebrate your Mother or Father’s Day. 

If you're not sure what kind of chocolates that special someone prefers, then the Popular Assortment is for you! These assortments make great Mother’s and Father’s Day gifts since it contains all the favorites and most popular items in our store. Not only is it delicious, but it allows people to try new things and discover their own favorites without having too much of the same piece or flavor. The Popular Assortment comes in 3 different sizes, the 7 ounce, 15 ounce and 30 ounce. You can choose if you'd like the assortment to strictly be milk or dark chocolate or a mixture of both. This deluxe assortment of Stage Stop’s most popular pieces includes homemade Caramels, Cream Centers, and Meltaways dipped in your preferred chocolate. 

Father’s and Mother’s Day is a celebration that Stage Stop loves to be a part of. We have a multitude of items catering to everyone’s taste buds. Stage Stop has sugar-free assortments and nut–free options in store as well so everyone, even those with allergies, can get in on the goodness.Though these assortments are a popular way to celebrate your Mom and Dad, Stage Stop has dozens of other celebratory and tasty treats to choose from as well. Some other yummy potential gifts include our Soft Center Assortment, Fruit Slices, Gummies/Bin Candy, Bark, Foils, Chocolate Covered Fruit, Chocolate Pops, Molds, and did we mention our mouth watering Fudge? We love to put smiles on people’s faces through our sweet treats, but we love even more that you can experience that with us! Stop by Stage Stop Candy today to grab a gift for your Mom or Dad for their special days, or for any and all special occasions. 

Using chocolate for your special occasions is bound to go over well so when in doubt reach for something sweet. Besides, who wouldn't want chocolate as a gift? To check out more of what we offer for these special days check out our freshly renovated website or if you have a particular request give us a call and we’ll work our chocolate magic to make your tasty dream come true! Chocolate is the best way to make any special day extra sweet.
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